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BodyQuirk of the Month: Groin Strain

Our Quirk of the Month is groin strain.  Recently, we’ve had many clients come in with varying degrees of adductor strains, more commonly known as groin pulls. We will show you what  a groin pull is, how to avoid them … Continue reading

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Tips to Free Yourself from Back Pain

Recently a client brought a book to show me titled, 8 Steps to a Pain-free Back by Esther Gokhale (pronounced Go-clay), because she loved the simplicity and the benefits she has received from it. Just a quick glance told me … Continue reading

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Improve Circulation in your Legs and Feet with Accupressure

If you’re a fan of our work or this blog, you may have noticed we love acupressure. Why? Because it’s everything good, with no nasty side effects. Light pressure, easy touch, energy blocks removed, chi flowing like the tide — … Continue reading

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Hot Stone Massage Now Offered at Bodyquirks Portland

At Bodyquirks Portland, we believe in the continuous practice of learning and growing — it’s part of our life philosophy, as well as our practice.  Because of this, we really try hard to keep up with the latest modalities and … Continue reading

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Reflexology for Sinus Relief

In our previous post on natural remedies for allergy season, we mentioned using reflexology to help provide some much needed relief from seasonal allergens.  Below we’ve provided a reflexology chart for your use along with some tips on it’s proper … Continue reading

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Bodyquirk of the Month: Torticollis

This month’s bodyquirk is personal for me, because it’s something I have been suffering with. It’s called Torticollis  and it can be congenital, but most commonly it comes on spontaneously and will self-resolve after 4 to 6 weeks without treatment. … Continue reading

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Hallux Rigidus (or Arthritis of the Big Toe)

We’ve talked about bone spurs before but one thing we haven’t talked about is the number of people we see in a given week with big toe pain and inflammation, often limiting their activities. This pain however is, many times, … Continue reading

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Best Tips for Initial Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries

  The body is an amazing machine, most often it knows exactly what it needs. If you’ve ever been injured, you may have experienced swelling at the site of the injury.  This swelling or inflammation, is the body attempting to … Continue reading

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Bunions Got You Down? Causes and Treatment

If you have bunions you know just how painful and awful looking they can be. Though bunions occur in the male population as well, they’re most common in women — nearly 10 times more common. Why? Because women put our … Continue reading

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Can Ill-Fitting Shoes Affect Your Health?

In the last week or so feet have been the big deal in our Portland practice, everyone is having trouble, either with bunions, hammer toes, neuromas, plantar fascitis or complaining of pain in their big toe. According to the National … Continue reading

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